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Don’t Compete With Your Own Company for Business!

We’re not here to compete with you for business, but to assist in the development of it. We work diligently creating and building relationships in the business world so that we, ultimately you, can assist with those companies’ relocation needs. Coldwell Banker Success-generated leads are pushed out to our agents to add to their individual businesses and assist in their success.

  • With the aid of our brand, Coldwell Banker Success has fostered its relationships and rapport with some of the most active and successful international relocation companies, including as a principal with Cartus, the nation’s largest relocation company. We benefit from hundreds of incoming referrals every year all distributed to sales associates.
  • Company-generated leads are assigned to our agents.
  • Because of our national brand, Coldwell Banker Success enjoys the opportunity to assist in the relocation of many local transferees.
  • Coldwell Banker Success agents are not financially penalized for relocation business. In fact, they enjoy the same commission split arrangement as for any other business they generate, which is not typical in our local market.
From our blog: Qualified Lead vs Wing & a Prayer—What you should expect from a qualified lead.

Compensation & Recognition | The Smart Office

The industry has changed. The vast majority of real estate sales associates have offices in their home and the traditional real estate offices will be going the way of the dinosaur. In their place is what we refer to as the Smart Office, which is a consumer-centric, agent efficient office environment. Conference rooms with video conferencing, for example, are available for use to display MLS, or perhaps video chat with a mortgage lender or trailing spouse.

Additionally, we provide a web-based, secure file service to agents and clients so that no matter where you are, transaction contracts and information are all at one’s fingertips as long as there is access to the internet. Again, a tool to improve efficiency and effectiveness as your client can simply sign in and retrieve instead of calling you to make those arrangements. It is simply taking advantage of today’s technology in providing added value to your client.

Our administrative staff will assist in making your time most valuable in working with clients, instead of entering listings into MLS or other tasks. We know you are best in front of your clients, not sitting in an office pushing paper. Coldwell Banker Success staff is here to assist.

Also, the Smart Office reduces overhead for us and we pass along the savings in the form of the most aggressive commission schedule in the Madison area. And if a competitor points to franchise fees as a great expense (they probably charge desk and tech fees—for what?), please reserve judgment until we have an opportunity to review what Coldwell Banker® provides as the best real estate brand in the US. We think you will be impressed when comparing our company that receives several hundred of incoming referrals a year, a broker/owner as counselor and coach, and a group of sales professionals who like to achieve, with the other companies who seemingly will hire anyone. 

So… be smart, and check out what Coldwell Banker Success offers before making your career move!

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