Your home is your sanctuary, a place where family and friends gather and where memories are made.  For many adults over 50, certain life changes like retirement or becoming grandparents are often motivators for relocating to another city or state.  Whether you’re buying or selling a home, it can be an exciting and emotional time.

Take the worry out of buying or selling your home. 

AARP® Real Estate Benefits from Realogy can help.

“Realogy is committed to delivering high quality real estate services to our consumers during these difficult times,” said Katrina Helmkamp, President and CEO of Realogy Leads Team and Cartus.  “The AARP Real Estate Benefits from Realogy program, paired with technology used for virtual home showings, is empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how and where they live, but also allowing us to serve them with our expertise even in times of uncertainty.”

Here’s what you need to know to navigate the process and earn financial benefits after you close.

When Buying

Whether you’re moving across town or to another state, relocating and purchasing a new home means new beginnings.  There are so many things to consider when purchasing a new home — size and type, your budget, location, community transportation, or being close to family and friends — to name just a few.  The list can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  A professional real estate agent from CB Success that has been trained to work with adults over age 50 can help match you to the perfect home and community, while ensuring that every detail of the home purchasing process is taken care of.  

How a Coldwell Banker Success Real Estate Agent Helps When BUYING A HOME

  • Helps you determine your budget and steers the pre-qualification process
  • Selects homes for your consideration that meet your needs perfectly
  • Navigates all negotiations that are part of the home buying process, including price so you don’t pay one dollar more than you need to
  • Advises you at closing so your interests are protected and helps capture any financial incentives you’re entitled to

CB Real Estate Agent with Clients

When Selling

Making a decision to sell a home often comes with a lot of emotion.  Letting go of a place that has been the center of most of your life’s important milestones isn’t easy.  For many adults over age 50, downsizing or smart-sizing is the motivator to sell so they can live in a home that’s easier to maintain or perhaps it’s to live closer to grandchildren.  Regardless of the reason, you may feel some sadness about the prospect of selling your home, but once the decision is made, a whole new window of opportunity opens up that can be freeing financially and in terms of next steps.  Before you welcome your first prospective buyer, there’s a punch list of things to do so you’re fully prepared.  Here again, a CB Success professional real estate agent that understands your unique situation is your partner to help make this transition go smoother.

How a Coldwell Banker Success Real Estate Agent Helps When SELLING A HOME

  • Compiles a pre-sale to-do list that may include essential home repairs, painting, decluttering with a timeline for completion
  • Determines your home’s value and helps you get the highest sale price based on the current market
  • Gathers the documents you need in order to sell – tax and cost records, appraisals and more
  • Advises you at closing so your interests are protected and helps capture any financial incentives you’re entitled to

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