red house with heart among several white ones

Do you believe in love at first sight?  Although most people don’t expect to find love-at-first-sight when it comes to a life partner, many do expect to have that special feeling when it comes to adopting a pet, choosing a college, trying on a wedding dress – or a buying a new home.  Yep – a house.

Elite Daily, a popular website for millennials, asked 15 people what love at first sight “feels like.”  Although they were describing romantic love, many of their answers can be applied to house hunting as well:

  • Happy Asian couple looking at house with realtorI immediately knew that they were (it was) the one for me.
  • It felt like time stood still and I was wrapped in bliss.
  • It feels like you got slapped in the face by emotions that make no sense, especially if you’re not an emotional person.
  • It felt like she (it) was meant to be in my life.
  • I can’t express it in words, but the feeling was so intense, it was like a thunderbolt .
  • I just felt a huge instant connection.
  • It was a warm and safe feeling, almost like we knew each other for years. (I already lived there.)

And really, couldn’t that apply to a house?  And it often does.  Think of how many people – maybe even you – go house hunting, looking at house after house, weighing the good points and the bad, when all of a sudden, they walk into a house and just get “that feeling.”

Because anyone who has ever gone house hunting knows that it really is an emotional experience.  And think about it – there is definitely a similarity between house hunting and speed dating.  Maybe you spend some time looking at photos, see them in person, and often move on to the next one.  Sometimes you find one worth a second or third look.  Sometimes you like the date (or house) enough to give it a chance, and love comes later.  Other times you settle.

Hispanic couple doing heart symbol with handsWith homes, it’s easy to get your hopes up when you see a house that looks just perfect on paper.  But photos have been known to lie (by angle or omission).  A picture can make a room look larger than it is.  The right angle will omit the noisy bar, doggie daycare or salvage yard next door.  So an in-person visit is essential to getting that warm and fuzzy feeling for real.

But sometimes, you just happen to be in the right place at the right time – and sure enough, you hit upon “the one.”  Maybe it’s the curb appeal or the inside front entry. Maybe it’s finding all the amenities packaged into one house.  But there’s no doubt about the way you feel – it’s love at first sight.

Happy couple jumping with excitementRealtors, who are often more pragmatic than their clients, tend to describe that feeling as more of a “sense” that house hunters might get when they run across a house that fulfills most of the items on their wish list – not an easy thing to accomplish.  That feeling can be downright exhilarating.  While the agents say it has worked out well for most of their clients, they caution about making an offer based on that feeling alone.  The bottom line?  Just be sure to do your homework, trust your realtor, and resist making rash decisions.  Then you can savor that love-at-first-sight feeling – knowing you’ll still be feeling it a year down the road.