Bridge Lakepoint Waunona Neighborhood Sign

The Bridge Lakepoint and Waunona neighborhoods sit side-by-side near the Beltline Hwy., and Yahara River, with the northern portions of Waunona sitting along the south shores of Lake Monona.  The neighborhoods share a lot of similarities — along with some pronounced differences.  But what they do have in common is a strong neighborhood center that bonds them together in their quest to make their neighborhoods the best they can be.

And that starts with the Bridge Lakepoint Waunona (BLW) Neighborhood Center.  A non-profit founded in 1999, the community center is located at 1917 Lake Point Dr. and provides a central gathering place for adults, children and families of all three neighborhoods.

The mission of the BLW Center is this:  To offer growth and enrichment opportunities to neighborhood residents that reflect the changing needs, strengths and diversity of the Bridge Lake Point Waunona community.  Our goal is to identify community needs and provide high quality programming for children, youth and adults, in the areas of education, recreation, health and nutrition.

The neighborhoods share a boundary with Fayette Ave., and both are bordered by West Broadway on the south.  The Bridge-Lakepoint neighborhood is bordered by Waunona Way on the north, while the Waunona neighborhood’s north boundary is the shore of Lake Monona.

Once, the area featured primarily multi-family housing occupied by renters.  Now there’s a mix of townhouses, condos, and a significant number of single-family homes — ranging from modest houses on wooded lots, to the more spacious homes and lots you’ll find along the Lake Monona shoreline.

Area youth attend Glendale Elementary School, Sennett Middle School and LaFollette High School.  The closest library is the Goodman South Madison Branch at 2308 South Park Street.

In addition to the BLW Center, there is also a Bridge Lakepoint Waunona Neighborhood Association, whose goal is simply to make the neighborhood a better place to live. Neighborhood volunteers help their neighbors with a multitude of issues and tasks, from financial and housing issues to providing a ride to medical appointments. A diverse neighborhood, the Association is proud to hold Monthly Ethnic Celebrations to honor and educate residents about various cultures and traditions.  Other organized activities include annual Halloween and Christmas Parties, a Thanksgiving dinner and a spring Easter Egg Hunt.

The Bridge Lakepoint Waunona neighborhood also hosts an annual potluck at Waunona Park to kick off the school year.  Besides the shelter, which serves as the gathering place for the picnic, the park also offers basketball and tennis courts, a playground, and plenty of greenspace.

Other nearby parks include Esther Beach, Olin Park, Thut Park and Paunack Park — known for its beautiful views of Lake Monona and the Capitol skyline.  Biking and walking trails, fishing, kayaking and swimming are all popular activities for residents of these neighborhoods. 

With so much to see and do — and easy access to both downtown and the Beltline — it’s no surprise that this is a popular neighborhood for residents with young families.









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